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When I first started my business, I had no idea what I was doing…sound familiar? That’s like a lot of us, and as time goes on and you discover new tools to help onboard clients and keep your day and calendar organized, you begin to wonder how you ever lived without them.

Below you’ll find the tools Wild Boheme Studio uses every day to keep ourselves and our clients organized!


This is our business management system, it onboards our clients. From the moment they fill out our intake form on our site it takes them through a sequence creating a seamless client experience where they can view our proposal right away, sign the contract and pay their invoice. This is set up automatically so that we don’t have to worry about missing any leads or questions! It’s such a great tool and there is so many more functions we haven’t discovered yet. You can snag 20% off one month or your entire year of Dubsado with our code here


We use Trello for all communication with our clients, once they are onboarded we set them up with their own board in Trello. This is where we have our questionnaire, project timeline, share design folders and much more. It’s a great tool so that we don’t have to go back and forth in email potentially missing any communication. We use this everyday, and it’s FREE to sign up and use! Check it out here


Flodesk has changed the game of email marketing! We have tried many email marketing platform but Flodesk is the best. Why you’re probably asking. Well, they’re super easy to use, beautifully designed templates that are done for you or you can customize yourself, it’s a female start-up and since we began using them a year ago they have added so many new features. The best part about it, is for one price you get everything inside unlimited. There’s no upgrading when you have more subscribers, or need more segments, you literally get it all for one price of $39/month or you can get 50% off for life with my code just sign up here and get your 30 days free trial no credit card required and then you’ll be eligible for $19/month for life. It’s going to change the way you send emails, I promise.

Things App

This has been a game-changer! We are obsessed with the Things app for mobile and desktop. This app is your daily to-do list, you can check things off and watch them disappear it feels amazing. It will link to your calendar so that you can see everything you need to do in the day, but also add in your own list. Whatever you don’t finish today it pushes to the next day, so you don’t need to re-add it again to your next day. We love using this daily and you can download it for your phone and desktop. However, this app is a one-time payment app whether you purchase on your phone or desktop you will need to pay for one or both. It is worth it! Check it out here.


How can you run your business without seeing your financials on a daily? We love using QuickBooks and use it to track our invoices and payments. This is connected to our Dubsado account so that it can automatically track our open invoices and close them once our project is complete. You can save and track your expenses and your receipts. It’s the best tool and we highly recommend it. Get started with Quickbooks for as little as $10/month, we use the small business plan which is roughly $35/month.

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