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Yes, my sites can only be used with an active Showit subscription. I find it to be an amazing platform for page building and hosting.

Can I use my current domain name?

Of course! Once your site is ready to launch, it’s easy to set up Showit to point to your existing domain. If you need a domain, Google Domains is what I recommend (and make sure you get yourself a Google business email too!). 

What if the template I want doesn’t match my industry?

That’s the beauty of these templates; they can be easily customized to suit YOU. These templates have been used by so many different businesses — photographers, coaches, calligraphers, designers — you name it, a template can be customized for it!

Can I add pages to these websites?

Oh heck yes. These are just a way to make it easy to get your site the way you want it. If you want to add more pages, you go right ahead. Copy & paste entire sections to your heart’s content!

Can you customize the template for me?

I do offer custom design services if you want something more personalized & fully-featured than a template. Get in touch if you have a specific vision you want to bring to life.