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When I first began designing for clients I was only using WordPress with Siteground Hosting, which you must purchase then it automatically gets you access to WordPress (a blog for another time). I would then use Divi or Elementor builders for my clients, but I always found it lacked creativity without code.

After a year of designing in WordPress I decided to switch over to ShowIt and wow, what a game changer when it came to design. I began really building dream websites for my clients! However, like any digital platform there are things it lacks in, and I wanted to address those if you’ve been thinking about switching over.



  • Insane design platforms that trump all other website builders, you can literally build anything
  • Design your entire mobile version the way you want without relying on the desktop version to do it for you
  • ShowIt support is amazing they have a chat within so you can always ask questions
  • There is also a ShowIt Facebook Group where you can go into and chat with the community
  • No coding required, you can embed codes from third-party platforms which is so easy


  • ShowIt doesn’t have its own e-commerce or blogging platforms, it actually integrates with WordPress for blogging which you do on the back end. If you want a shop page on your site you will need to integrate Shopify or Shopify Lite buttons, not difficult but more of a process.
  • Longer build time with ShowIt, you truly have a blank canvas to work with and for someone who isn’t a designer, this can be quite tedious. However, there are templates you can purchase.
  • You can’t share video on mobile view – you put GIFs in replacement of video to make it look like video. But, right now no video backgrounds on the mobile site yet you can have a video linked to Youtube or Vimeo playing.



  • One of the strongest blogging platforms out in the world
  • If you can code or purchase a WordPress template you can truly build your organic SEO quickly
  • Tons of plug-ins to choose from
  • You can move your site to any hosting platform
  • Great E-commerce platform


  • Endless, and constant updates from WP and all platforms, if you don’t update the plug-ins your site can become outdated and crash
  • No support design-wise inside, because your hosting account doesn’t deal with that so then you need to find an expert + pay them
  • Almost no creativity within the box building platform, unless you can code. Everything always feels impossible when building.
  • Paid plug-ins to get the most out of their features, that can add up really quickly

At the end of the day it’s really up to you which platform you want to go with, there are others that are popular and also have their pros and cons. It depends on what you need and where you plan on seeing your business in the years to come. I have seen businesses flourish using ShowIt and WordPress.

We are built on ShowIt and love it – check us out here Wild Boheme Studio

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