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The Project Scope

Erin is a wife, mother of 4 sweet babes and a photographer. She is passionate about capturing moments with loved ones and truly cherishes each and every person she gets to meet. Photos are so important to her as they hold onto memories and they are something to leave behind for future generations. Her passion for family photography grew the moment she had her first child, and now the rest is history and she has been booked out ever since!

Visual Direction
Our goal was to create a warm and inviting website for all. One with large imagery and movement to showcase all of her beautiful work. Lastly, to feel proud of an online home that represents her and where she feels brands and families will know exactly who she is when they arive.

Rose & Wylder


Brand Suite


Color Palette


Minimal  /  joyful /  MODERN
young  /  WARM  /  stylish  / LIGHT
Romantic /  familiar  /  dreamy



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