How to Elevate the Client Experience


It’s not just about providing a service or a product anymore. Elevating the client experience to get your clients/customers talking and referring you is gold!

Think about the products you purchase that come with extras, and beautiful packaging curated what feels like for you. You probably get excited at the thought of buying certain things just knowing how it gets delivered. Or you always purchase a service because you know exactly how you’ll be treated.

Your business should do the same

You can easily stand out, and it doesn’t mean buying extravagant gifts and spending lots of money. However, if you’ve got the budget to do so go for it!

Have a streamlined process

If you’ve ever purchased a product or service and it went so smoothly you probably thought ‘I’d buy that again in a heart beat’. That’s pretty much what you want your clients/customers to feel.

If you’re a service, make sure you have an easy onboarding process. Nothing is more frustrating to clients when they have to print/scan to sign, or get hundreds of PDF documents. There are online systems out there to make your life and your clients life EASIER. I love Dubsado, it’s my go-to client management system. It’s set up to automatically be triggered by a form being filled out, to a contract being signed and payments being made. My clients love it because it’s all electronic and I don’t have to lift a finger, it does the work for me.

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Invest in good design

I can’t stress this enough, but if you’re a product based business, invest in impactful design. Have a cohesive brand so that you everything comes together, this goes for service based businesses to. Gorgeous branding doesn’t just turn heads, it can make people feel something, feel excitement and want to spend more money with you. Never underestimate good branding and what it can do for your business.

Brand Collateral

Lastly, you can spend a little money on your clients and purchase things in bulk to send after a service is completed or a product is purchased. This can be anything from Thank You cards designed in your branding with a hand written note, merchandise such as apparel, mugs, pens, notebooks, stickers and more.

We love using Printify for custom products, MOO for cards, and BoxUp for custom client boxes.

People love to feel like they are a part of something bigger than just the product or service they have purchased. When it’s as if it was sent to them, they are way more likely to return to you.

Keep your client experience in mind, and continue to elevate it as the years go on. For example, us at Wild Boheme Studio will be sending out branded gift boxes after our projects are complete as a little thank you for working with us. These boxes will have a curation of a few of our favorite things and some other products we can purchase in bulk.

Think bigger than your business, how you want your clients to feel after they have worked with you.

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