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Whether you’re making $50k a month or not yet breaking four figures, one thing will always be true: Your brand is how people remember you.  Your brand also influences how they feel about your brand, their experience working with or purchasing from you, and even the amount of money they decide to spend with you. […]

How to Have High-End Branding from Day One



Remember that feeling you got when you first released your new brand to the world? That “OMG, I love it – like my firstborn child” feeling?  That “Holy, s**t – I made that?!” feeling?  That “Let me tell the world about my brand!” feeling? Isn’t it one of the best feelings in the world?  Then, […]

4 Way to Refresh Your Brand



I see it all the time and cry on the inside a little, because I know sometimes wherever you are in business that investing in branding is not your top priority. If it is book in with us here you won’t regret it! If you really want to stay the DIY route, at least make […]

5 Common Branding Mistakes