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The Project Scope

Ashley Tracy is a Columbus based photographer, mentor and creator. I've been so lucky to have Ashley as a client twice her first revamp with WBS back in 2021 and then her growth sky rocketed even more and we came back to do it all over again in 2022. She is an extraordinary and very talented human! Her presets are a popular favorite, and her new branding screams exactly who she is and wants to be. 

Visual Direction
To create a unique and truly outside of the box brand for Ashley since she was already booked out solid for weddings, engagements and other shoots. The goal was to gain more brand partnerships, expand the shop, build her Tik Tok community and take on speaking roles! The website really focuses on exactly who she is and who she wants to attract, with large imagery and clear CTA's to drive her visitors to her shop!

Ashley Tracy Photo.


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Colour Palette


Leader  /  creator  /  TIMELESS
passionate  /  OPULENT  /  self-assured  / STRONG / honest  /  visionary
joyful  /  ELEVATED /  meaningful



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Custom Website