Welcome to Wild Boheme Studio

Hi, I'm Tina, the heart and soul behind this haven of creativity. As the Owner and Lead Designer, I'm the one that turns your visions into stunning digital realities. My expertise lies in capturing the beauty of minimalism and clean design – the kind that not only speaks volumes but resonates deeply.

I specialize in serving visionaries like you: photographers, interior designers, coaches, and fellow creatives.

What sets me apart? I don’t just design websites; I craft online experiences that mirror your passion, your uniqueness, and your story. So that you can stop stressing and hiding behind instagram and actually be excited to share your online home with the world. 

a design boutique for creatives.

a few of my favorite things

my love

my horse

the ocean

Iced Oat milk lattes

our doggos

Let's build an online home you're crazy-proud of.