Meet the wild woman

behind the brand

I'm Tina, the founder of Wild Boheme Studio, and I'm so glad you've made it over to my little corner of the internet.

One of my favorite parts about working for myself is that I get the opportunity to work with clients who, just like me, are creative to their core. When I click with a client like that, we're bound to end up being friends.

The fact I can even do this on a daily basis is still amazing to me. If you asked me three years ago where I would be now, I think I would've said still in the same place: sitting behind a desk in a big city corporate office, counting down the hours 'til 5:00.

I was living to work, waiting for the weekend, and dreaming about doing the things I thought only other people could do.

So my partner and I both quit our jobs and hit the road. We took what we needed, left the rest behind, and went to find a new home—one that felt more aligned with what we were looking for.  Simplicity. Flow. A place to breathe.

Now we live in a smaller mountain town in BC, still figuring it all out as we go. And I couldn't dream of doing anything else.

Now that you’re here, why not grab a glass of rosé so we can really get to know each other?

Where I'm FROM

Fun fact, I was born in Lubeck Germany but my entire family is Polish. I've lived in Toronto, Canada since I was 3 with my mom, aunt and cousin. 

Then moved across the country to live a slower paced lifestyle in Kelowna, British Columbia. Where my biz began (YAY!)

I want to travel Europe more, we do go back every few years as my entire family is there!

Poland is like an all you can eat buffet with vodka as your appy! 


My fur babies! Gizmo, Odie and my horse Jackson. No idea what I'd do without them. I've had Jackson since he was about a year old I rescued him, and he's 14 now.

My partner Andrew, who's taught me so much in life because he's super analytical haha and I love to just live life spontaneously... we make a good team! He's my #1 cheerleader.


Freedom and to live life on my own terms. 

I never want to regret a single thing and I want to empower others to feel the exact same. I never thought this would be my life, but here I am. So I want to make sure every soul I speak to I am helping in some way. If you need motivation or a kick in the peach I'm your girl.

My energy and passion for life is a little wild, but I love that about me.  

So I hope you keep snooping around, and I can't wait to meet you!!

Watching people fall in love with their brand never gets old. 

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