It all started in 2018 when both my husband and I were done with our corporate jobs and the crazy city we called home. We put our house on the rental market and started packing for an adventure out to sail the Caribbean with our one doggo at the time. I was brain storming ways to make some extra cash but to also pass the days we would be anchored in the sandy chores of Bahamas.

I began researching and learning how to start an online business as a virtual assistant / graphic designer. Fast forward four years later WOW! I run a 6 figure design business and have helped my clients in so many ways with their online home and continue to support them years later as I watch them grow. 

I'm a listener first and that is what makes this studio so special, I love the collaborative process and getting to know who my clients are. 

As for the sail boat? Well, that's still on our list and a story for another time. 

I have a thing for clean lines, I believe neutral is a colour (because it is), oat milk lattes are my ritual and if it isn’t a ‘hell yes’ I don’t want any part of it! Wild Boheme started as a way to make some cash while sailing the caribbean. Since then lots has changed and I continue working with extrordinary & inspiring creatives!

Hi I'm Tina,

founder + lead creative genius  /


a few of my favorite things

my love

my horse


coffee from a cafe

our doggos

Let's build an online home you're crazy-proud of.