Hi friends!
My name is Tina

founder + creator of wild boheme studio

Old soul, big time dreamer

Hey lovelies, it's Tina here. I am so excited to meet you, I absolutely love making internet friends. Especially clients that turn into friends, this world is so amazing and we all get to connect together through the internet.

You're probably wondering who the heck am I, right? Well I'm a city girl who downsized to a smaller "city" in the mountain of Kelowna, BC to live a much simpler life. Both my partner and I quit our corporate jobs two years ago, left everything we had behind took what we needed and hit the road.

We had no idea what we were doing to be honest, but knew we would figure it out, that's when my business was born. I have always been a creative in some aspect of my life, I'm also an empath so I feel deeply within others emotions and I've always been a bit of a wild spirit.
I enjoy having  a glass of wine, spending time with friends (quality over quantity) and seeking new adventures.

I am a girl with style who loves vintage and luxury but also flow through life with ease. So Welcome to Wild Boheme I can't wait to work with you!

my favorite things


If i could live off vegan pizza and wine forever I wouldn't be upset


listening to house music and dancing in the living room, really


my 2 pups odie + Gizmo & my horse Jackson

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