my mission

To help you scale your business through intentional and strategic design.

Working with me you get access to design knowledge, research and strategy that will not only improve your brand but provide you with an understanding so you can move forward with confidence!

the daily scoop

Inspired by fashion, architecture and a good fine wine.

I'm here to set trends, do research, and break design rules so that your design feels exactly like you and your business. No more rectangular or boring websites. It's bringing movement, photography, textures, and fonts together to bring your visions to life.

simply put. design matters.

"Always do something you are not really ready to do. That's how you grow, that's where breakthroughs happen"

founder & creative director

Tina Losz(ewska)

I started this business originally to pay the bills while sailing the Caribbean with my partner and dog. I wanted to be a creator, film videos and live in a bathing suite all while sailing the deep blue sea.

But life had other plans, and as they say the rest is history.

I now bring creative visions to life for my clients through branding, design and templates. Working with other creatives and small business owners at any stage. My mission is to help everyone, no matter your budget, create the website of your dreams!

what I am super proud of right now - 

My clients who just pitched on Dragon's Den, with branding done by WBS!! This was a proud moment and seeing their growth has been surreal. I've also enjoyed working on and launching my template shop, hearing how buyers now have "dream websites" is just so incredible!