8 Website Must Haves to Make Sales


Your website is more than just pretty photos, colors and copy! A user friendly experience is what captures your audience and entices them to stay and click around.

I’ve compiled a list of 8 necessary things your website needs to make sales!

1. Lead with Something Compelling

You have 8 seconds to hook someone, that’s not a lot of time. Your website must lead with something compelling, people judge a book by its cover, it must appeal to them and there must be a pain point calling out to them, or a problem you can solve they’re struggling with.

2. Have a Clear Header

Have a clear “I help statement” when visitors see your page they must be hooked to keep scrolling and clicking. Your website isn’t about YOU it’s about them, the promise that you’re putting your visitors first!

3. Brand Photography over Stock Photos

Did you know an imagine with your face looking straight at your viewer converts almost 90% higher than a stock image or you not looking directly at them? Overall faces perform better!

4. Easy Navigation + Communication

Easy Navigation and Communication, don’t over complicate your menu. No need to use fancy words for contact. You want users to act quickly and know where to go, if your grandma viewed your website would she understand and know where to go?

5. Make Your Offers Clear

Clearly share what you offer! There doesn’t need to be hidden messaging anywhere, be upfront! You will lose people if they are confused by where to find how to work with you! Make it easy, be clear on your offers, and their end results! Testimonials, what they can expect and using words your customer will understand.

6. Free Stuff in Exchange for Emails

Pop-up strategy to gather leads, you can provide a valuable free offer in exchange for peoples emails. Freebies, free offers, or trainings! These go a long way and remember that giving away what you know doesn’t mean you’re giving it ALL away. Build that trust with your visitors.

7. Real People Real Results

Feature testimonials, written, snap shots from Facebook page, your DM messages and anywhere else. People want to see real results and potentially reach out to them and ask questions from a user perspective.

8. It’s About Them Not You

Remeber, your website isn’t about YOU. Yes it’s your brand, your fonts, your design, your photos. But this is about your customer and who you want to attract and what they like to see, what they need, making their life easier to buy your product or service.

What if those changes made a difference from making $0 – $2000? Or $10k – $20k just because the design and user experience converted 10x more traffic and clients? Wouldn’t that be worth the investment?

xo, tina

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