7 Habits You Need to Increase Your Productivity


Whether your a morning person or not I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Your mornings are the most important part of your day.


If you want to up your productivity and get some killer results in your life and business you need to learn to love your mornings. The best part? It doesn’t have to be that hard. Infact, in this post we are going to break down 7 habits you can implement tomorrow to start seeing results.

So let’s get to it.

Wake Up Before 8am

Make it a goal to wake up a half-hour to an hour earlier each week. Mornings can be tough, especially if your not a morning person but think baby steps. Start with what feels comfortable for you and continue this habit for a week or two and then move your alarm clock back a little bit more. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy and I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t hop out of bed with an extra pep in my step when I’m getting up super early BUT, I can tell you that I feel SO much better once I am up and accomplishing more before 9am then most.

And that makes it all worth it.

Put Your Phone Away

Did you know it’s proven that looking at your phone right when you wake up or turning on the TV to watch the news drains you power and makes your tired faster?


Try to avoid heading straight to check your inbox or turn on the TV (I know it’s tempting!). Instead, take some time for yourself. This could like taking a few extra minutes to read or maybe journal. Try a new routine with your partner and share a coffee together and spend a few minutes enjoying each other’s company. 

Embrace the slowness of the morning together. 

Move Your Body

Get your blood flowing and move that body!

Get in some stretching and exercise before you sit down to work OR lock it into your calendar to get a workout in at lunch if you’re not one to move in the early mornings.

BUT before you knock morning workouts, give them a try.  It’s amazing how much more productive you feel after you’ve conquered a workout and gotten that rush of endophins in your body, trust me on this. 

If your reading this and you’ve tried morning workout and they are a hard no then make it a goal to get in a small stretch session. I absolutely love this 15 min stretch video and have been doing it often 15 Min. Full Body Stretch | Daily Routine for Flexibility, Mobility & Relaxation | DAY 7

Don’t Skip the Water

Drink a huge cup of water first thing, add lemon juice if you can. I try to drink a litre in the mornings. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but girl, trust me it makes a huge impact on how I feel, my skin and my eating habits throughout the day.

If you’re not a fan of plain water, that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from this. Grab some flavour to add into it or if you prefer your water to have carbonation grab some Bubbly, they come in so many flavours there’s no excuse to not try one.

Food is Fuel

It’s easy to head straight to work with a coffee in hand and get to it but it’s time to break that habit. Eat a nutritional breakfast and don’t wait until you’re starving. This will lead to you over eating and eating something bad.

 My fav go to breaky is toast with PB + Banana slices or one egg on toast with a little butter, tomatoes and salt & pepper #yumm

Find something you love to eat that focuses on getting nutrients into your body and make sure you set time aside to have it.


We all move at such a fast pace that we forget to sit back and reflect on ourselves, our feelings and our lives. Journal, read or meditate any of these will help your mind get into flow and not be distracted by technology.

Some of my favourite journal prompts are:
What’s on your mind?
What’s something good that happened recently?
What 3 things am I grateful for?
What are 3 goals you have for yourself today?

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Lastly take time to get ready. Since many have transitioned to working from home I know hard to get out of your PJ’s or leggings. It’s easy to feel comfortable in our comfies but it’s amazing what getting yourself dressed can do for your self-esteem, confidence, and energy. If you lay in your PJ’s all day, you may find yourself craving the couch and a little nap mid-day but if you find yourself in clothes that you feel good in — then watch out world.

So, if you’ve been finding your productivity a little low lately maybe your morning is the culprit. Try some of these tips and let us know below if you found them helpful!

Now, go enjoy your morning!

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