6 Ways To Kickstart Your Motivation Today


Let’s face it, motivation can be tough to find some days. Especially as an entrepreneur, if you’re an entrepreneur reading this then I know, you feel me.  Most of the time, as entrepreneurs we are working on our own and we are forced to get up and kick some serious ass on our own. Which, don’t get me wrong…I loooove, but I think it’s only fair to say we all struggle sometimes, myself included.  There are a few key things over my time as a business owner I’ve done that have helped me to maximize my motivation and give me some when I need it. So today, I want to share them with you.  

Motivation doesn’t just happen 

The first thing we need to get clear on is this — motivation doesn’t just happen.  Motivation is something that you have to create day in and day out. It means that even on those days when the last you feel like doing is getting up and following through on your to-do’s for the day, you do the damn thing. Motivation is created everyday, by you. In saying that, there are however a few things I do (& you can too) to get that motivation flowing. 

Exercise in the morning 

Get your body up and moving! I find that if you can get up and conquer your morning with a little sweat sesh, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish during the day! Plus, can we just talk about the endorphins moving your body gives you. It is exactly what I need to give myself the little push to crush the day. 

Surround yourself with positive people 

You’ve likely heard the saying “you are the sum of the 5 people that you hang around with”. In my opinion this couldn’t be more true. Surround yourself with people who find the positive side in life and push you to accomplish bigger and better things. It is so draining to be around people who find every reason to complain and unfortunately, whether you realize it or not, their attitude starts to impact your energy. So, take a look at your circle of friends and make sure you’re inviting those into your life that are filling your cup, not taking away from it.

Set a realistic schedule

There’s nothing worse than being under a timeline that you can’t accomplish.  It feels draining, frustrating and straight up overwhelming. I know you want to complete your  projects as quickly as you can, but girl — give yourself sometime. Motivation comes from knowing that you can take a break and get some fresh air, from giving yourself the freedom to relax when needed. So before you say yes to projects that seem like too tight of a turn around, think about it. 

Focus on mental health

Make sure you feel good.  Not just physically but mentally as well. Taking care of your mental health is never sexy but it is sooo important. If you find that you are dragging yourself out of bed every morning with negative thoughts, it might be time to make a change. Think about finding some podcasts that are inspiring or books that help you focus on your inner self. Seriously, as small as these things are they can be total game changers in changing your mindset.

Don’t take yourself so seriously

Last, but definitely not least — don’t take yourself sooo seriously. Give yourself permission to mess up and own it. Nobody is perfect 24/7 and that is the beauty of life. If you are constantly critiquing yourself you will find yourself in such a negative slump that it will feel impossible to pull yourself out. Laugh, be silly, have fun and let yourself enjoy what’s around you. 

Motivation takes practise and perseverance.  It doesn’t happen overnight and it is something that you have to work on every damn day but the reward? That’s where the magic happens. You will learn that you can accomplish the hard stuff, you can push yourself to show up your yourself and your business and you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

It all starts with a little motivation. 

You got this.

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