4 Way to Refresh Your Brand


Remember that feeling you got when you first released your new brand to the world?

That “OMG, I love it – like my firstborn child” feeling? 

That “Holy, s**t – I made that?!” feeling? 

That “Let me tell the world about my brand!” feeling?

Isn’t it one of the best feelings in the world? 

Then, over time that excitement towards your brand slowly fades and you find yourself feeling more and more disconnected from your brand. The excitement and love had turned to familiarity and repetitiveness. 

I feel ya…in fact, I’ve been there and not too long ago.

I recently did a brand refresh and let me tell you – it is a BREATH of fresh air. If you’re in the same situation as I was, I know I don’t need to elaborate anymore so I’m going to cut to the chase and give you my top tips on how to refresh your brand. 

Change up your fonts 

Instead of sifting through the same old fonts you already have multiple times before, opt for purchasing some new fonts. This can be an instant level up tactic for your brand. 

I don’t know about you but when I find a brand I love, it’s because I feel connected to them, it’s like I am drawn to their personality and we just vibe, you know? 

This is why I always take the small details – like fonts – into consideration when creating a brand.  By shelling out a couple of extra dollars you can add personality to your brand and instantly stand out from the crowd. 

Change your colour palette 

There are no rules stating you have to stay with the same colours day in and day out for the rest of your brand’s life! It’s your biz, have some fun with it.

Changing up your colour palette can be a fun way to switch up your brand short term, you can add some new pops of colour with every season. Your brand can (and likely) will change over the course of its life so allow it to grow and evolve. Let your colours move and grow as your brand does. 

New Brand Photos

If you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with photography. A good brand shoot can provide you with so much content to use!  You can recycle these photos across many platforms and put them to use in many areas of your brand.  Plus, a good brand shoot will never go unnoticed. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to freshen up your brand, this could be your ticket.  

As the saying goes “a photo is worth a thousand words”.

Just imagine what a whole photoshoot could do! 

Logo revamp

No, you don’t have to remake the whole logo (we are going for a refresh here, not a brand change, remember) think about the above suggestions when revamping your logo.

Think about things like: 

  • Capitalization – Switching up words that may have been capitalized before to lowercase, or vice versa.
  • Adding in a cool new font
  • Adding some colour into a new place

Little details can make all the difference.  Play around with colours, fonts, sizing, anything your heart feels pulled to! 

There is no one size fits all brand approach and that is perhaps the best thing about branding. 

My suggestion 

Ditch the rules and have some fun! 

Lean into what feels good. 

Allow your brand to reflect where your business is in life 

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself! 

My favourite part of doing a ‘rebrand” is the fun you will have talking about your brand again. Promoting it like you did when you first launched and listening to others talk about your brand as if it was something new again! 

My opinion

Everything changes & your brand should too! 

Spice up your brand, promote your new redesign and make some more sales! 

If you’re in the middle of refreshing your brand –  I’d love to know! Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook(Tina – want them to follow you here?) and let me know how you’re doing. 

As always, I’m in your corner cheering you on & if you need an extra hand to support you – you know, I got you. 

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