I have a taste for clean lines, I believe neutral is a colour (because it is), oat milk lattes are my morning ritual and if it isn’t a ‘hell yes’ I don’t want any part of it! Wild Boheme started back in 2018 as a way to make a little extra cash, when my husband and I decided to quit our jobs to sail the Caribbean with our one dog at the time. Since then we have not yet sailed (it's on the list), but we moved to the West Coast instead to build our dream life. Wild Boheme has grown ever since and I get to serve the most extraordinary creatives.

I'm TINA the creative director 

founder & creative genius

Chasing Film Pro


Ashley Tracy Photo


Rose & Wylder


featured work

STRONG BY LIV / Chasing Film Pro


Kelly, Marketing Shift

I'd 1000% recommend you to anyone and everyone! You exceeded all of my expectations -- your skill for branding and web design is unmatched and you truly brought my vision of a welcoming, Parisian chic brand to life. You went above and beyond by providing guidance for my photoshoot, and your response time/communication is fantastic. 

omggg. omg. I'm freaking out. this is beyond what I could've even imagined.

Chase + Allen - Chasing Film Pro

The whole process has been so much fun and worth it! Tina was very quick and easy to talk to even when I had no idea what I was asking. She also finished the website before our original timeline which means we get to start the new year with a new brand and website. It's also one of the reasons we've been able to raise our prices by $2500! It's helped a lot!

I knew she was the one before we even had our first zoom call!

Autumn Agrella

She's so easy to work with and she felt like an old friend. She took my really vague description of a website and delivered page after page of gorgeous layouts and design. She exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with the final product. If you're looking for a brand refresh or a whole new website, Tina is your girl! You will not regret hiring her, I promise!

after my first phone call with tina i fell in love with her!

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